Survey: One third of Michigan workers call for paid leave following the loss of a pet


Should "com-paw-ssionate leave" be an employee benefit? According to a recent survey, one third of Michigan workers think so.

The survey, conducted by pet product review site MyPetNeedsThat.com, asked 2,000 American workers if employees should be entitled to paid leave when a pet dies. On average, 35% of American workers and one third of Michiganders surveyed believe they should be, according to the survey.

As far as how long the bereavement period should be, surveyed Michiganders, on average, said that four days is enough. To see how other states responded to the survey, check out the survey's interactive map.

Currently, there are no federal laws requiring employers to provide either paid or unpaid leave even when a human family member dies. Only one state, Oregon, has passed a law requiring employers to provide it.

On the other hand, a growing trend for businesses nationwide is to offer "fur-ternity leave." According to CNBC, "fur-ternity leave" allows new pet owners to take paid time off to help their furry friends adjust to their new home.


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