How your pets can enjoy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and that means lots of food, family and friends around the house, but that can also be a little unnerving for the pets. Mike Palmer and Steve Shamou from our friends at Premier Pet Supply joined us in the studio with ways to make this Thanksgiving fun for everyone including the furry members of your family.

Tati asked if it was okay to give pets a little treat from the dinner table and Palmer said that Premier Pet Supply likes to give you options so you don't have to worry about giving them something from the dinner table. This is because a lot of the things that we think are okay for the pets, are not, and they could actually be extremely toxic. 

Premier Pet Supply has a lot of options for your pets to keep them occupied and to give them a little treat of their own. For cats they have freeze-dried raw foods and more. They also have fun toys to keep your cat occupied. For the dogs they have LickiMats, or Kong toys that you can put peanut butter on to keep them busy while you are having you holiday dinner. 

When it comes to drinking, you can actually drink with your dog, but not in the way you think. Premier Pet Supply has Bowser Beer which is a non-alcoholic beverage specifically for your pooch. It has vitamins and minerals for you pet. It just gives you the effect that you are drinking with your pup.

To learn more about what they offer, and see their specials this month, you can find one of their four Premier Pet Supply locations in Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi and Livonia. To find the one nearest you, visit premierpetsupply.com.