Introducing the new hot trend: Leggings for your dog

So fetch!

Photo via Instagram @walkeedogs.
Photo via Instagram @walkeedogs.

It's totally normal to bundle up when summer is over and cold temperatures make their way into our lives, so why wouldn't you make sure that your four-legged best friend is bundled up, too? 

Thanks to the lovely people at Walkee Paws, your dog will be protected from the outside elements with doggy leggings that are attached to rubber-soled booties. Now, before you give the biggest eye-roll the world has ever seen, just hear us out on why these fashionable leggings could help you and your dog when it rains or snows. 


Anyone who has a dog knows that it's got to go and do its business outside, even if it's raining or snowing, and that means that their paws and legs are going to get wet. Not only do the leggings keep their legs warm and dry, but the booties will keep their paws dry and protect them from things like lawn chemicals or rock salt if it snows. 

The booties and leggings go straight on the legs and stay secure by strapping around the dog's back, so you never have to worry about them falling off. The leggings come in three different sizes and four fashionable prints. 

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