How you can make it a safe holiday season for your pets

Dr. Kelley Meyers answers your questions about your pets


We adore pets here at Live in the D and to help you, our viewers, keep your pets happy and healthy, we brought in a veterinarian with our friends at the Michigan Humane Society to answer your questions, Dr. Kelley Meyers.

Meyers said to keep your pets safe during the holidays, make sure to have good identification on your pet. During the holidays, people are always coming in and out of the house, in order to keep track of your pet a microchip or a collar with a tag with your phone number is important. Also, think about your cats. Make sure they have a safe place to go and good litter box access. When it comes to food, there are certain foods that are really toxic to pets, so it's best avoid giving them any human food at all. Even when it comes to plants they can be poisonous to animals too, like poinsettias, mistletoe and holly. 

Some of our viewers also had a few questions of their own. Our first question was from Mindi. She wanted to know what she can do to help her dog, Roxie, who has arthritis in her back left foot. Meyers said to make sure to go to the vet to verify that it is arthritis. If it is arthritis, the veterinarian can help with the pain and the inflammation, which help with the joint.  Our next question is from Kristen. She said that her dog Bernie nudges his food with his nose and pushes his food bowl around before actually eating, and she wonders why he does that. Meyers said there are a couple of possible reasons. They might have been rewarded with treats for pushing a ball around with their nose, so they might do the same with their food bowl. Pets are also scavengers in the wild, so they might be practicing hunting skills. The last question is from from Kimberly. She wants to know how she can clip her dog's nails without him biting or fighting her. Meyers said you have to actually train your dog or cat to know that it's okay to have his nails clipped and make them more comfortable with the process. Get a new pair of clippers, take them into a new location and give them treats.

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at their locations in Westland, Rochester Hills and Detroit. To learn more about the services they offer and to make an appointment visit their website: https://www.michiganhumane.org/.