All 4 Pets Special airs Sunday, meet Sophie the new spokesdog

Plus -- inside a parrot rescue, fighting pet allergies and more

There’s something for everyone in Local 4’s new “All 4 Pets” special Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

This half-hour show, hosted by Jason Carr and Priya Mann, is part of the station’s continuing commitment to bring animal lovers together by providing the best of everything about pets on-air, online and on social media.


  • Go inside a rescue for parrots who’ve lost their homes
  • Get a veterinarian’s advice for combating pet allergies
  • Meet some of the many presidential pets who’ve lived in the White House over the years
  • See how needlepoint is helping save stray animals who need medical care
  • Plus, get to know Local 4’s latest Spokesdog – Sophie the English Springer Spaniel
  • See if your pet could be the next TV star. Viewers will find out how to enter WDIV’s latest All 4 Pets “Put Your Pet in a Promo” contest.

Animal lovers who would like to be part of the online community can join Local 4’s All 4 Pets Facebook and Instagram groups and go to ClickOnDetroit.com/pets to get the latest pet news and share fun pet photos with others across the region.

Local 4’s “All 4 Pets” special airs Sunday, March 31 at 7:30 p.m.