Dearborn Animal Shelter having cat clearance adoption sale

Shelter has feline population boom of cat-a-clysmic proportions

By Guy Gordon - Reporter/Anchor

DEARBORN, Mich. - The Dearborn Animal Shelter has a population boom of cat-a-clysmic proportions. They are caring for 300 felines and half are kittens. That's double their normal capacity.

In order to make room the shelter is having a cat clearance adoption sale.

Until 100 cats or kittens are adopted, the shelter has reduced the adoption fees  to $5 for adult cats and $35 for kittens. 

Luca was one on the lucky ones going to her forever home today.  But, many more like her need to make that trip home.

Deena Sleiman's cat ran away when she was 10-years-old. Monday she's filling the void with a new kitten named Lady Bug after catching the bug to adopt.

"All my friends have gotten cats and playing with them at their houses made me realize how much I miss having a cat, so I got one," said Sleiman.

The hardest part is making a choice on which one to adopt.

"They come sterilized and micro-chipped and with age appropriate vaccinations, so about $400 worth of vet care, so it's really a great value," said Sandy Boulton with the Dearborn Animal Shelter

Their is a long-term solution to this population problem; if you have an un-sterilized pet, do the right thing and get it spayed or neutered right away.

And if you regularly see a stray cat in your neighborhood, call a no-kill rescue organization to help.

You can start the application process now by going to the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

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