Doctors believe kitten was thrown from vehicle on Interstate 696 near Royal Oak

Kitten found on I-696 suffered broken bones, must have leg amputated


Jackie Urbanczyk was heading east Sunday afternoon on Interstate 696 near Coolidge Highway, just west of Royal Oak, when she spotted something peculiar near the road.

"I don't know how it caught my eye. I kind of had a thought in my head, is that a cat?" she said.

So she drove by again. This time her eyes weren't fooling her. On the side of the busy expressway was a kitten, no more than 5 weeks old and in bad shape.

Images: Kitten rescued from I-696 in Royal Oak

"Not a lot of things people do in their life make them proud. But once in a while you get an opportunity," said Urbanczyk.

X-rays revealed the bones in the kitten's rear right leg were broken beyond repair. The grey fur ball now called Peggy Sue has to have her leg amputated. Doctors believe she may have been thrown from a vehicle.

"I talked to the vet and she said a lot of kittens can make it on three legs, no problem, they act like they never knew they were supposed to have four. So I think she has a really good chance," said Urbanczyk.

Kitten rescuer hopes Metro Detroit community can help

But saving Peggy Sue comes at a price.

"I know there are so many animal lovers in the community so I hope that people can take it from here and give what they can whether it's money or prayer, or whatever they want to give," said Urbanczyk.

The goal is to raise enough money for Peggy Sue's surgery and find her a new home.
For more information on how to donate go to

-- Urbanczyk said she spotted the kitten on Interstate 696 near Coolidge Highway, just west of Royal Oak.

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