Dog beards: Canine owners fight back after cat beards take the web by storm

Cat beards aren't the only viral sensation, dog owners are also getting in on the act

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This week saw a new viral trend sweep the web. Cat beards, a new trend combining the worlds love of beards and cats, to create one of the more unusual viral trends to date.

Feeling left out, dog owners have responded to this viral mania with a new dog beard trend. Leader of the dog beard movement, Vikki Stone tweeted: ‘I found the cat beard too hard, so, ladies & gentlemen, I give you….. THE DOG BEARD.'

The trend is apparently catching on with other dog owners. Another post reads: ‘Cat beards, what the internet was invented for, the sad moment when you have a dog.'

Dog beards are set to rival cat beards as the latest viral sensation. Cat lovers may be winning the viral contest for now, but dog beards are threatening to crash their party.

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