Dog pinned under concrete rescued in Detroit

Fellow canines try to help Beagle named Honey Bee before DDR arrives to rescue her

DETROIT - A dog stuck head first under a slab of concrete was rescued in Detroit on Monday.

Honey Bee the beagle got into trouble on Wayburn Street.

"And when she does all that digging she gets under there and next thing you know she can't wedge herself back out," said Honey Bee's owner.

Detroit Dog Rescue received a call that Honey Bee had her head pinned under concrete from the neck up. She was unable to get free.

"When you see her, with the way that you saw her with her head stuck underneath, and then all of sudden you just see her out and just hold her, you just don't want to let her go, your just so happy that you got her" said Lisa Pennszynski from DDR.

Honey Bee suffered a neck injury and possibly a broken leg. The 6-year-old dog also had small puncture wounds on her back from the other dogs that live with her.

Apparently her fellow canines tried to pull the frighten beagle out before human help arrived.

"The dogs realized she was stuck and it might have been her screaming or something, but they had actually went, she had two puncture wounds and they had, you know, grabbed her and they tried to pull her out," said Pennszynski.

Honey-Bee is currently being treated at the VCA hospital in St Clair Shores.

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