How to travel with your cat


Holiday road trips can be fun, but not for everyone -- especially your cat. Here are some tips on how to help your cat enjoy the car ride.

1. A few days before you leave, start bringing your cat into your car for a few minutes at a time so he can become familiar with the territory and smells. This will put him more at ease once the long trip is finally here.

2. Find a comfortable carrier for your cat that is large enough for him to stand up & stretch in but can still fit inside of a seat belt. Having a carrier not only ensures the safety of your cat but yours as well so you do not get distracted.

3. Once your cat is familiar with your car and you have purchased a carrier, start bringing him on short visits around the block, increasing the increments each time.

4. Bring a special treat or two for your cat during the road trip. This will teach him that positive things happen when you are in or near a car. Avoid feeding him a large meal though, if possible, to eliminate car sickness.

5. Make the car comfortable for your cat by keeping the level of the music down, avoiding strong air fresheners and regulating the temperature depending on the season.

6. Purchase disposable litter boxes. They usually come with litter already inside so you do not have to worry about making a mess and are easily disposable.

7. Stay calm throughout the car ride, even if you hit unexpected traffic. Your cat can feel stress so if you stay calm and collected, it will help him as well.

8. Once you have arrived to your destination, make sure you are parked and your cat is wearing a leash or harness before opening the door just in case he darts out. Do not forget his collar either!

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