Hurricane Sandy relief for pets

Donation drive set up to aid Sandy victims and their pets

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - Hurricane Sandy decimated the East Coast last week and left a path of destruction in her path.

As residents in the thumb area of Michigan waited for power to be restored, the people of New Jersey were looking for remnants of their homes and their lives. A call for help went out and Special Pet Care Services heard it and is answering.

A very special shelter in Atlantic City, N.J. needs help, not only with it's own animals, building and operations, it needs help supporting it's community. The Humane Society of Atlantic County is a small shelter with a big heart.  During Hurricane Sandy, it's director, Stephen Dash, stayed with the animals as a foot of water flooded the facility.

The damage was sustained only to the building and all of the animals are safe. However, the damage to the building is substantial and the shelter had to close it's doors while volunteers helped repair it. The shelter was scheduled to open last Monday. In addition to trying to cope with the chaos Sandy left behind, the shelter is helping it's community. Stray and/or lost dogs are being brought to the shelter by the town's local police. People from the community that have lost everything are coming in asking for food for their pets, and the shelter is giving it to them. The vets in the shelter are providing aid and comfort. All of this while trying to repair their own building.

When Special Pet Care Services found out about this story, Holly Cook felt obligated to help. She has started a large scale donation drive, not only to help the shelter, but help the shelter support it's community.

"We aren't just helping the animals this time, we are helping an entire community,"  Holly Cook, owner of Special Pet Care Services, said. "I would love to see Port Huron come together as a community to lend a hand to another community, several hundred miles away, that was impacted by the same storm that tore through our community. We rode the storm out together, in a way, and I'd like to think we can help each other recover."

In order to help The Humane Society of Atlantic County, Cook and her pet sitting business have teamed up with 3 other pet professionals in the area to collect supplies for the shelter.(See Wish List Below)  Drop boxes for hard supplies ONLY can be found at: (During their normal business hours) 


Stargazer's Pet Salon:  914 Gratiot Ave, Marysville,

North River Animal Hospital: (Dr. Burrows and Dr. Barnes)  2909 North River Rd. Port Huron

Animal Hospital of Lakeport: (Dr. Meadows)  6191 Lakeshore, Lakeport


Again, these drop boxes are for HARD SUPPLIES ONLY. Monetary donations must be mailed to Special Pet Care Services. Checks must be made payable to HSAC (Humane Society of Atlantic County) Monetary donations are the fastest way to help the shelter and it's community. Hard supplies will be shipped as quickly as possible.


  1. Canned dog and cat food (The shelter does not need kibble, dry food or cat litter)
  2. Dawn Dish Soap
  3. Paper Towels and Sponges
  4. Large Blankets and Towels
  5. 409
  6. Clorox Clean Up
  7. Neosporin and General First Aid Supplies
  8. Gift Cards to Lowe's and/or Home Depot (The shelter is giving these out to the citizens of it's community as well as using them to rebuild the shelter)


Please note that we can not ship OPEN containers of any of the supplies listed above. Any dry pet food or cat litter that is donated, will be given to our own Animal Control Shelter.


For more information or to arrange a large donation pick up, please call Special Pet Care Services. Additional information can be found on the website Click on the Hurricane.

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