Keep your pet safe, indoors during 4th of July

MHS: Number of lost pets increases on 4th of July as frightening pets try to escape fireworks

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DETROIT - Not everyone in the family enjoys fireworks around the 4thof July holiday. The loud blast and bangs of fireworks that we enjoy can be down right frightening and confusing to the four-legged members of the family.

The number of lost pets at animal shelters increases sharply around the 4th of July, as frighten pets attempt to escape the loud noises and bright lights of the season.

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) reminds pet owners to keep their pets safe this holiday season by ensuring they are well secured, have up-to-date identification and license tags, and are micro-chipped.

"When fireworks and other loud noises are going on outside, pets can do some pretty remarkable things to escape," said Terri Mallett, Animal Behavior Specialist with the Michigan Humane Society. "That's why having up-to-date identification including ID tags and a microchip is so important – it's the best way for a lost pet to find their way home."

Pet safety during fireworks:

The MHS advise pet owners to keep all pets inside and secure during the holiday. Frightened animals may jump tall fences, bolt out gates or run through screens in order to escape.

Make sure pets have ID. A visible ID tag and license with current information plus a microchip is recommended for all dogs and cats.

If your pet is afraid of the loud noises, confine them in a safe, quiet room and turn on soft music. 

If your dog shows signs of distress, give him a peanut butter-stuffed toy to help distract him and calm his nerves.

The holiday is often accompanied by hot weather.  Prevent heat exhaustion by keeping pets inside in a cool area during the heat of the day, with plenty of fresh, cool water.

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