Michigan man kicks, punches bear in nose to protect his beagle

A man in Northern Michigan fought off a bear to save his dog's life earlier this month, according to a report from the Department of Natural Resources.

According to the report, the incident occurred in early May near Boyne Falls in Charlevoix County.

The report said a man let his beagle out on a cable around 4:30 in the morning. When the man returned to let the dog in, he saw a bear running up his driveway. The beagle barked at the bear, which circled around the dog and swatted at it. The owner frantically tried to pull the dog in, only for the cable to get tangled.

The man kicked the bear as he tried to untangle his dog. The bear came back and bit the dog, and that's when the owner punched the bear in the nose, causing it to retreat enough for the owner to get his dog inside and shut the door, the report said.

The beagle survived and received several stitches in its side and rear end, the report said.

The homeowner was advised to remove all his bird feeders, clean up sunflower seed husks, spread moth balls, and stop feeding corn to deer and turkeys in the backyard.


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