Pets suffer from allergies, too

Humans are not alone in battle with allergies as more dogs, cats sniffle, sneeze

By Ruth Spencer - Anchor

DETROIT - It is a typical day at the dog park for Chelsea Stimeck and puppy Jada.

"We usually come to the dog park because she loves playing with all of the other dogs," Stimeck said.

However, playing outside this time of year can include sniffing and sneezing.

"She definitely sneezes a bit more," Stimeck said of Lola.

Dr. Terri Alexander said if your dog has a cough or sneeze, seasonal allergies could be to blame.

"The skin may be red. They might be really, really scratching a lot," said Alexander.

Treating a pet is similar to how a human would treat allergies.

"We have some hydrozyzine, it's a common one that is used. Benadryl can be used. It doesn't work as well as hat I've seen on others," Alexander said. "There's other antihistamines out there that can be tried."

However, Alexander said not all symptoms are from seasonal allergies.

"They can have the same allergies to some of the same pollens that people do," she said. "They can have contact sensitivity to a grass they might be stepping in, food they are eating."

Stimeck said Jada is much too fun at the park to keep her in doors.

"Probably too young to tell. We don't know yet. Hopefully not much," she said.

Veterinarians say if your pet starts chewing on its skin or its paws that is also a possible sign of allergies. Take the pet to the vet to learn exactly what is causing the allergic symptoms.

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