Presidents and their pets

Need a friend in Washington, many Presidents turn to dogs, cats

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DETROIT - The father of our country is also, according to legend, the father of the American Foxhound. George Washington bred his own hounds, and so began a long love affair between U.S. Presidents and their pets.

Here is a list of our presidents and their pets they kept in or at the White House.

This list was compiled by Shine from Yahoo from various sources.

George Washington: Foxhounds & mules

John Adams: a mixed-breed dog named Satan; some sources say his wife Abigail named the pooch

Thomas Jefferson:  Briard dogs, and a mockingbird named Dick

James Madison's wife Dolley: a green parrot

James Monroe: sheepdogs, and a black spaniel that belonged to his granddaughter

John Quincy Adam: received a gift of an alligator, which Adams is said to have kept in a White House bathroom

Andrew Jackson:  pet parrot named Pol, fighting roosters

Martin Van Buren: received two tiger cubs as a present from the Sultan of Oman. Van Buren regifted them to the zoo

William Henry Harrison:  his pets included a goat and a cow

John Tyler: pet canary named "Johnny Ty," after himself, horse named "the General" and his Italian Greyhound "Le Beau," or "the beautiful one"

James K. Polk: Sources report him owning either "a horse" or "horses"

Zachary Taylor: – a horse named Old Whitey. When Taylor died only 16 months into his term, Old Whitey trailed the funeral parade.

Millard Fillmore: some claim he had two ponies named Mason and Dixon

Franklin Pierce: a gift of two dogs from Japan. Others say Pierce had no pets at all – but he did found the Buffalo, NY chapter of the ASPCA.

James Buchanan: a Newfoundland named Lara

Abraham Lincoln:  pet goats Nanny and Nanko, a dog, Jip; kittens given to Lincoln by Secretary of State William Seward; and a turkey named Jack

Andrew Johnson:  said to have fed white mice he found in his bedroom

Ulysses S. Grant:  horses including Butcher Boy, Cincinnatus, Egypt, Jeff Davis  and Jennie, Julia. Grant also had dogs – Rosie, and the Newfoundland named Faithful.

Rutherford B. Hayes: 7 different dog breeds, a goat, a mockingbird, and at least three cats

James Garfield:  a horse named Kit, a fish, and a dog named Veto

Chester Arthur: horses

Grover Cleveland:  mockingbirds and a bulldog named Hector

Benjamin Harrison: a goat named Whiskers, a Collie named Dash – and two opossums, Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection

William McKinley:  yellow-headed Mexican parrot named Washington Post  and Angora kittens named Valeriano Weyler and Enrique DeLome

Theodore Roosevelt: could have opened a zoo; several dogs, a fleet of guinea pigs, a macaw, a one-legged rooster, garter snake, a pig, lizard, and Josiah the badger; and various cats, mutts, rabbits, owls, ponies, and a hyena

William Howard Taft: a dog and cows that grazed the White House lawn

Woodrow Wilson: a cat named Puffins, a Greyhound named Mountain Boy, and a couple of terriers – but his most notable pet is Old Ike, a tobacco-chewing ram

Warren G. Harding: had an Airedale Terrier named Laddie Boy, and a Bulldog named Old Boy

Calvin Coolidge: White Collies named Rob Roy and Prudence Prim; Chows, Shelties, and Terriers; raccoons, canaries, and a bobcat; a pygmy hippo; a wallaby; a black bear; and lion cubs named Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau

Herbert Hoover:  several dogs, including Big Ben and Sonnie, his Fox Terriers, King Tut (Belgian Shepherd), Pat (German Shepherd), Patrick (Irish Wolfhound), Weejie (Norwegian Elkhound), and various other breeds. His son Allan's alligators got to wander the White House grounds

FDR: numerous dogs including, his Scotties Fala and Meggie, Majora (German Shepherd), Tiny (Old English Sheepdog), President (Great Dane), and Blaze (Bull Mastiff)

Harry S. Truman:  received two dogs while in the White House , but gave them away

Dwight Eisenhower: a Weimaraner anmed Heidi

JFK:  a large collection of petss, including ponies (Macaroni, Tex, and Leprechaun), parakeets (Bluebelle and Marybelle), hamsters, cats, dogs, and a rabbit named Zsa Zsa.

Lyndon Johnson:  Beagles, hamsters and lovebirds

Richard Nixon: three dogs – a Terrier named Pasha, a Poodle named Vicky, and an Irish Setter named Timahoe. Nixon's most famous pet, Checkers, died before Nixon won the presidency

Gerald Ford:  Golden Retriever Liberty and Misty

Jimmy Carter: a Siamese cat, an Afghan Hound named Lewis Brown and a border collie named Grits

Ronald Reagan:  Severa dogs, including Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rex,  a Bouvier Des Flandres named Lucky,  a Golden named Victory, a Siberian Husky named Taca, and a Belgian Sheepdog named Fuzzy

George H.W. Bush: a Springer Spaniel named Millie

Bill Clinton: Socks the cat and a chocolate Lab named Buddy

George Bush: a Springer Spaniel named Spotty Fletcher, and Scottish Terriers Barney and Miss Beazley Weazley

Barack Obama: Bo a Portuguese Water Dog

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