'Saddest Dog in the World' finds a new home after being returned to kennel twice

3-year-old Labrador named Lana has new home

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TORONTO - Things are looking up for “the saddest dog in the world.”

The 3-year-old Labrador named Lana is about to be matched with a new forever home after being abandoned at the kennel twice in two years.

“Drum roll please,” the animal rescue group Rescue Dogs Match wrote on their Facebook page, “Lana has a new forever home.”

The rescue wrote on Facebook earlier that the perfect family would be “a mature couple or person that has the time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident.”

Lana was first rescued by the organization, based in Toronto, Ontario, as a puppy.

She went home with her first adopter when she was just five months old, but was returned to the shelter in October 2015.

"She is sweet and silly, that is hard-wired into her character. She is timid, wary of strangers only at first,” the shelter wrote. “When she is not around the people she trusts, she has the tendency to shut down or become very hesitant."

A photo of Lana then went viral, and she was dubbed “the saddest dog in the world” after refusing to move or go on walks at the kennel.

Following a few more months at the shelter, another family brought her home in January 2016, only to return her once again just months later.

She stayed at the kennel until Rescue Dogs Match started desperately looking for a new foster, mentioning that May 20 is her move date, and she has to find a foster or a forever home by then, or be moved to another boarding facility.

Instead, the Facebook post gained traction, and they adoption applications for Lana started flooding in.

Now, the shelter is confident they have chosen a family she can really call her forever home.

Copyright (c) 2017 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.