Unusual exercises to do with your dog

If you're looking to get some exercise with your favorite four-legged friend, check out these ideas for something a little different than the standard walk.

1. Amp it up with a run

You and your dog can both get a great workout by running. Just be sure to adjust the speed of the run based on the breed. Certain breeds such as Australian shepherds and retrievers are better at running and have more natural speed. For smaller pups, slow it down and build up speed over time.

2. Play fetch

This is a tried and true classic that keeps both you and your dog active. Running around your yard or a park and throwing overhand is a great workout for you and an excellent opportunity for your dog to get fresh air.

3. Yoga

More and more people are practicing yoga with their dogs. Not only is this a great way to improve strength and flexibility, it also bonds owners and pets.

4. Swimming

Hop in the pool with your furry friend for a non-impact workout that is a great cardio workout. Be careful, though, as not all breeds are strong swimmers. Bull dogs, pugs and Chihuahuas aren't as fond of the water, so avoid this form of exercise with them.

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