Workers rescue cat from tree in Clarkston

Workers from Davey Tree Expert Company use cherry picker to rescue cat

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CLARKSTON, Mich. - An Oakland County company is credited for saving a cat stuck high atop a tree in a Clarkston subdivision.

Tuesday, neighbors of the Montclair subdivision noticed the cat perched in a tree 50- 60 feet off the ground near Waldon and Baldwin roads.

Residents called animal control, the fire department and the sheriff, but say no one would help.

As concerned for the cat grew, neighbors gathered to find a solution. Some tried to entice the cat down with food, two residents tried to cut down a slim tree to allow the cat a platform to climb down from. Nothing worked and 24 hours later the cat remained in the tree as temperatures dropped.

Wednesday, two workers from The Davey Tree Expert Company showed up with a cherry picker, after receiving a call from a neighbor asking if the company could help.

The men, only identified as Kenneth and Josh, used their equipment to scale the tree and grab the frighten feline.

The workers safely rescued the cat, who was then handed off to a neighbor for care.

The men left without charging the residents, and they also left with the gratitude of the neighborhood.

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