Developer proposes to build more than 300 homes at Erwin Orchards in Lyon Township


Pulte Homes is proposing to build more than 300 homes on the current site of Erwin Orchards in Lyon Township. 

Documents submitted to township leaders last week reveal the developer's plans to spend $34 million in construction costs to build 364 homes on the site of the popular orchards. 

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Erwin Orchards is situated near the corner of Silver Lake Road and Pontiac Trail, just south of I-96. Under Pulte's plan, homes would be built on both the north and south sides of Silver Lake Road.

One of the owners of the orchard, Linda Erwin, said it is only a proposal and the property has not been sold.

"Erwin Orchards is not sold and it's far from it at this point. Please do not believe the rumors that are running rampant. Trust that until the owners say it's sold, it's not a fact. We have been very transparent about wishing to retire and yes, our property is up for sale, and has been for quite some time. The upcoming hearing set up by Pulte Builders with our permission is simply that they will be submitting their proposal as far as density and so forth," Erwin said.

The developer's proposal reads, in part: 

A residential development such as Erwin Orchards has far reaching economic impacts for not only local residents but for the local government as well. The construction activity itself is an economic generator  while the ongoing business associated with it sustains economic prosperity in the community. A development like this generates business for lenders, appraisers, inspectors, title companies, insurance agents, among many others.

Residents living in the area do not like the idea of having a housing development in that area.

"I personally do not like it just because I live right down the road here and there's going to be so much more traffic on the roads. The schools, all of the schools are pretty packed and filled right now," said Jason Ellwart.

"I grew up where there were wide-open spaces. I like the orchard as it is. It's been a part of my life for 60 years," said Ken Redman.

Erwin also said their business is operating as usual.

Here are the full plan documents from Pulte Homes: 

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