What can Metro Detroit schools do to avoid cutting into summer break because of snow days?

Several schools already approaching yearly limit

DETROIT – Metro Detroit has had a snowstorm, sub-Arctic temperatures, an ice storm, more snow and another round of ice this winter.

The weather has resulted in several snow days for schools in the area, and under Michigan regulations, schools only get six snow days per year.

If schools need more than six snow days, districts can get a special waiver for three more. But what about the districts closing in on a dozen days?

Snow days can be fun when school administrators make a creative announcement that classes have been canceled.

But after several snow days, the fun is gone for the school districts. After the six days allotted by the state and the three days that can be waived, schools usually have to make up those days at the end of the year, which in itself can be a problem.

Many district officials are waiting until they know exactly how many days they have to make up to decide how to do so, but some are already way over the limit and are considering shortening their mid-winter break and adding previously scheduled days off back to the school calendar.

To avoid adding days in the past, districts have added time to the school day or eliminated seminar hours, if they have those hours.

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