This Michigan county boasts some of the best spirits in the world, thanks to local distillery

There are plenty of places to go in Michigan to get delicious beer, wine or spirits, but one spot in Manistee County, just a 35-mile drive southwest of Traverse City, has one of the best-crafted gins in the world — really, it was ranked No.4 in the globe last year in an issue of Cigar and Spirits Magazine, a bible, if you will, of the distillery industry.

Iron Fish Distillery

Though somewhat remotely located, the now world-renowned Iron Fish Distillery takes advantage of its acreage to grow its own grains to create its own spirits. In fact, it’s currently the only on-the-farm distillery in Michigan, and just one of a handful in the whole country.

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With more than 100,000 visitors in a year, the distillery not only sells its spirits, but it offers food to its guests: salad, soups, pizza from its very own wood-fired oven, and food trucks come in on the weekends.

If you’re more of the type to enjoy a glass of wine or a freshly crafted beer, take a quick drive into the city of Manistee, where you’ll be close to the breathtaking beaches of Lake Michigan and find plenty of places to relax with the people you love spending time with.

Stormcloud Brewing Co.

Perhaps the highly recommended Stormcloud Brewing Co. is more your speed. It's a Belgian-focused brewery where they’re brewing something most people aren’t: Belgian-inspired ales.

And the “vibe” can you make you feel like you’re in your best friend’s living room.

Douglas Valley Winery

The Douglas Valley Winery, which is housed in a renovated 1800s bunkhouse for the railroad, serves up all kinds of delicious wines by people who have a passion for it.

Little River Casino

And did we mention the Little River Casino is just 2 miles away? If you have a couple glasses of wine or hard cider and feel like trying your hand at some gambling -- or treating yourself at the spa, you're not far at all.

Self-guided brew and spirits tour

If you love all of it, you'll want to go on the self-guided brew and spirits tour that hits 13 places, all of which serve either beer, spirits or wine.

You can start the tour right in downtown by first visiting the places that are easily walkable. However you choose to get there, you'll be happy you did.