Looking to travel smarter this summer? Here are 4 ways to do just that

You can take control by knowing all the benefits provided by your health insurance plan before you pack.

Molly McCoy, our friend at Priority Health, joined us in the studio to talk about 4 ways we can protect ourselves.

1) To protect yourself against the summer sun, Priority Health has some stickers you can wear that will let you know when you need to reapply sunscreen by changing colors from white to red. To pick up some stickers, you can visit Priority Health at Campus Martius or the Detroit River Days this weekend. 

2) Call your health care provider and see what your coverage is like out of state. Many programs will have a travel assistance program attached to their regular plan. It's best to know what you're covered for before you hit the road. 

3) Download your health care app. Many health care providers, including Priority Health, have apps that you can use to talk to a doctor without going into an emergency room. This can save you lots of money and help you avoid waiting in long lines on your vacation.

4) Don't forget to pack your medications, bandages, sunscreen, bug repellent, sunglasses and anything else you need to keep your self safe on vacation. McCoy's pro tip is to keep your medications in your carry-on so there is no risk of it getting lost on your flight over.

If you remember all these tips, you can relax and enjoy your vacation worry-free.

For more smart ways to help you and your loved ones lead a happy, healthier life, visit the website priorityhealth.com.