This is the easiest, most important way to stay healthy

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Water is a vital part of all of our lives. It is found in most everything we eat and drink. In fact, the human body consists of approximately 60% water. This underlies the importance of staying properly hydrated with clean, safe and healthy drinking water.

Clean tap water, as opposed to bottled water, is less expensive and helps to diminish the 38 billion bottles that are disposed of in landfills every year.

Recently, there has been an increase in concern regarding the quality of drinking water from both municipal sources and private wells. Chemical, physical, biological, and/or radiological contaminants exist in most water sources. These contaminants can be a nuisance, such as hardness and iron, or they can create health concerns such as arsenic or pathogenic bacteria.

Lets talk about contaminants

Contaminants that can negatively impact the quality of your water fall into four general groups:

Physical contaminants primarily affect the physical appearance or other physical properties of water. Examples of physical contaminants are sediment or organic material suspended in the water of lakes, rivers and streams from soil erosion.

Chemical contaminants are elements or compounds. These contaminants may occur naturally or artificially. Examples of these include nitrogen, bleach, salts, pesticides, metals and toxins produced by bacteria.

Biological contaminants are organisms in water. They are also referred to as microbes or microbiological contaminants. Examples include bacteria, viruses, protozoans and parasites.

Radiological contaminants are chemical elements with an unbalanced number of protons and neutrons, resulting in unstable atoms that can emit ionizing radiation. Examples of these dangerous contaminants include cesium, plutonium and uranium.

What can be done about these contaminants?

Hard water is the most common concern. It gunks up your taps and appliances, it tastes funny, it's rough on your skin and hair in the shower and it can cause problems for your home's plumbing and appliances.

Iron is another major concern, especially with well water. It can cause undesirable and difficult-to-remove staining inside and outside the house.

Both hardness and iron can also negatively impact the performance and longevity of all of your water-using appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters.

Other contaminants such as lead, arsenic, PFAS and pathogenic bacteria can be a concern when it comes to your health.

I know I don't like my water. What can I do?

American Aqua has set out to make water in Southeast Michigan homes safer, cleaner and tastier. An American Aqua technician will analyze your water and recommend the proper treatment system for your home or business.

Treatment technologies that may be recommended include, but are not limited to, a water softener, an iron filter, carbon filter or a whole-home reverse osmosis system.

Enjoy silky smooth hair and soft skin after each shower. You'll never have to use harsh chemicals to clean your faucets. And you can knock back every refreshing glass of water with ease and relief, knowing you're drinking the purest water you can get in Michigan. If you are concerned about your water, American Aqua can help.

Our breakthrough technologies combine multiple-stage filtration, semi-permeable membranes and ion exchange, as well as pre- and post-filters to bring you safe and delicious water in your home or business.

These treatment methods remove sediment, dissolve solids, purify water and remove unwanted tastes and odors for the water in your home. There are even WiFi-connected models available.

If you're tired of dealing with harsh, hard water, check us out at americanaqua.com and call to schedule a free estimate with a WQA certified American Aqua technician.

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