Check out these surprising changes in Detroit school lunch cafeterias

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan is adding more variety to school lunches

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School lunches are taking a new creative approach in the Detroit Public Schools Community District. Tati Amare got a chance to chat with Kevin Frank, the Assistant Director of the district's nutrition program. 

The program is aiming to be a national example of excellence with its new changes. The students will see school lunches that look like a food court or college cafeteria. The big changes coming to the menu are international dishes plus spaghetti and chili made from scratch. 

Milk is still an asset to school lunches. Dairy brings the meal together and adds tons of nutrients. Fat-Free Chocolate milk gives students 31% of their daily recommended value of calcium, 10% of their daily value of Vitamin A and 2% of their daily value for Vitamin C all in an 8 oz carton.

When making decisions on what the students should eat they consider the student's preference and the season. There are 3 seasonal menus; Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The program uses as much local produce as possible so meals are based on what is available during that season.

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