From pets with feathers to fur, the vet answers questions about your pets

Ask a Vet from the Michigan Humane Society

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Michigan Humane Society Veterinarian Dr.Kelley Meyers joined hosts, Jason Carr and Tati Amare to answer questions from Live In The D viewers about their pets.  

Q: Why does my cat want to eat plastic?

Dr. Meyers said there may be various reasons. One may be because cats find plastic to be fun, like a toy. Another reason may be that since plastic is porous, it may pick up the scent of food and the cat may think it's a treat. A third reason could be due to anxiety, from another pet or change in environment. Dr. Meyers said to watch out with plastic around the house, because if ingested it could cause an obstruction in the bowels.

Q: Is it ok to use air fresheners and sprays around a pet bird?

Dr. Meyers said since birds have a very sensitive respiratory tract, any aerosol spray can be very dangerous. She also said Teflon, found in oven cleaners or non-stick pans, is deadly to birds due to the weak membrane in their air sacs, which are all over their bodies.  

Q: Why does my dog suddenly lunge and growl at other dogs during walks?

A pet behaviorist may be needed in order to figure out what's going on. Perhaps it is anxiety or the actions are not out of anger but frustration because they want to go run and play but the leash is prohibiting it. Positive reinforcement also helps, clicker or treat training is a great way to help them stay in line; however you may need help from a trainer.

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