When it comes to recycling, not all paper was created equally

This article is sponsored by Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes & Energy.

The holidays are approaching quickly. If you plan to wrap gifts or open gifts, there will be lots of paper involved. But not all paper is recyclable.

The Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes & Energy, or EGLE, wants to encourage people to recycle the right way and share some guidelines when it comes to recycling paper.

Host Jason Carr had a chat with Hugh McDiarmid with EGLE and Natalie Jakub with Green Living Science about what types of paper are recyclable.

Things such as receipts and wrapping paper cannot be recycled.

Things to look out for are glossy or wax coating paper that must be thrown in the trash.

Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that every community has different rules about recycling. So be sure to check with your local provider to find out what’s accepted in your area.

Watch the video, above, to learn what type of paper can be recycled.

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