Improve Your Golf Game: The Plane Truth

Golf Tips With Bob Krause


Russ Vergin from Milford wrote me this week and wanted to know how he can get his club on plane and prevent it from crossing the line at the top of his swing.

Let me explain what this should look like. When a swing is on plane, at the top of the swing, the club should be pointing toward the target. When the club is off plane (or across the line) the club will be pointing to the right of the target (for right handed golfers). To see if you are on or off plane, take a full swing and pause at the top and look where your club is aiming; if you are right of the target, you are ?across the line.?

Here is a great way to get your swing on plane and on track:

  • Take a tee and push it into the butt end of the grip (about a half inch).
  • Now place your golf bag (or something large enough that you can see it out of your peripheral vision) and put it on your target line about ten feet behind the ball.
  • As you take your swing and reach the top make sure the tee is pointing at your bag, this will help you identify how the club should feel at the top of your swing while getting your club on plane.

Bob Krause

Majestic, Fieldstone, Pure Impact Golf Studio