Improve Your Golf Game: Long Chip Shots

Golf Tips With Bob Krause


Ron Kelemen from Sarasota Florida sent me an email this week and wanted to know, "What is the best way to hit a long chip shot with nothing but the green in front of you?"

The long chip shot is considered anything over 20 to 25 feet with a fair amount of distance to the hole on the green. Here is a great way for you to get it closer to the pin:

First, look around and survey the area around the hole; looking for high and low spots, slopes from right to left and the pitch from front to back of the green. Take a walk from your ball to the hole and count your steps. Divide those steps into thirds and pick a spot one-third in front of the ball for your landing spot and focus on this spot when hitting your shot. For example, if you walk 30 steps, pick a spot 10 steps from your ball. Now, read the green like a putt and consider how much the chip will break. Move that spot to the left or right accordingly. The last step is to pick a club that will fly in the air to that spot and continue rolling to the hole. A club with less loft is generally what works best for this type of shot. While practicing this shot at the putting green, pick up a ball and toss it a third of the way to the hole, this will help you visualize the shot and help you hit it close when it counts!

Thanks Ron for the question and good luck with the upcoming season.

Bob Krause

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