Improve Your Golf Game: Solid Wedge Shots

Golf Tips With Bob Krause


Wayne Welch from Sault Ste Marie, Mi. emailed me this week wanting to know, "What's the best way to start hitting my wedges more solid?"

Thanks for the question Wayne.

Nothing feels worse than hitting a great drive down the middle of the fairway then leaving yourself with a short pitch to the green that you either hit the shot thin or fat, leaving yet another short pitch shot to the green. When this happens, golfers are often left feeling defeated with the thought that it was the shot that got away and often end up trying to make it up during their round.

Well Wayne, you're not alone when it comes to this shot, here is what I have my students do to help hit these all important, shot saving, pitch shots.

First thing is make sure your back and forward swing are the same distance during the swing. A good thought is to make them a mirror image of each other. If the club swings further on the back swing than the forward swing you will tend to decelerate into the ball; making inconsistent contact which is never a good thing.

Here is a quick fix:

Next time you practice pitch shots grab your three wood head cover and place it on the ground one foot behind the ball, after you have done this take some swings making sure you miss the head cover on the way back and on the way down. This will help you hit down on the ball making cleaner contact which makes it much easier to control your pitch shots. Note: after you hit the ball make sure you continue your follow through until it has mirrored your back swing.

Try this tip the next time you practice and you will become a better wedge player.

Have a great season and thanks for the question!

Bob Krause

Majestic, Fieldstone, Pure Impact Golf Studio