Improve Your Golf Game:Smooth and Solid

Golf Tips With Bob Krause


Mitch Rivet from Bloomfield Hills wants to know, ?How can I swing smoother and hit the ball farther? This begs the question, ?How do tour players make it look so easy and hit the ball so far??

In a nutshell, low handicappers along with tour players save the speed of their swing until impact. In other words, as they swing the power is being stored and is released at that impact. Most high handicappers swing too hard at the wrong times. They pull the club away from the ball too fast, do not take a full turn and yank the club down from the top of their swing. All of these are examples of the times when you want to swing the smoothest.

Next time you?re hitting balls take some nice smooth swings building rhythm. You will notice it helps you make a full turn and gives you plenty of time to make a smoother transition in your down swing. One of the things that helped me (while touring) get back to hitting the ball well, was to make sure my grip pressure was not too tight. A tight grip equals a fast swing. I?d also focus on keeping my feet quiet throughout my swing. Too much movement in your feet equals a swing that is off balance, which will mean that you are swinging too hard at the wrong times. Try these tips and I promise you will hit the ball better and more solid more often.

Thanks Mitch for the question and good luck this season!

Bob Krause

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