Check your target line


One key point often overlooked in building a consistent golf swing, is your alignment.

Alignment is simply the way your body ‘aligns' with the target.

If a friend is standing behind you, as you address the ball, the friend should be able to draw a straight line from the tip of your right foot to the target.

Both of your big toes should be on that imaginary line which stretches from your ball to the target, and to infinity beyond.

In golf, that's called "the target line".

There should also be a second imaginary line running from your right hip, to your left hip, to the target.

The second line should match your toe line.

In other words, the two lines should be parallel.

Your shoulders make a third imaginary line and should be parallel to the toe line and the hip line. 

As you address the ball, bend your arms and have a friend or your instructor balance a club across the middle of your forearms.

Wherever that club is facing is where your ball is going to go.

If the club is pointed to the left of your target, the ball is going to have a clock-wise spin and will result in a slice.

If the club is pointed to the right of the target, your swing is going to put a counter clock-wise spin on the ball and the ball will have a tendency to hook. 

Double check your alignments.

Wherever the club on your forearms is pointed, chances are your shoulders and your hips are pointed that way, too.

The forearms hold the key to properly lining up all three things: your hips, your shoulders and your feet.

If your forearms are in the correct alignment, chances are very good that your hips and your shoulders are going to be properly aligned, too.