For better golf, start with the grip


A common problem that I see with many of my students is that while taking the club back (first step of backswing) their hands are active or moving too much. 

In other words, their hands are rotating and moving at the wrist while beginning the backswing. 
What people don't realize is that the wrist movements will prohibit the club from getting into the correct position. 

The term golf professionals use is, "drag and set". 

You will often hear Nick Faldo, refer to this move as the most important part of his swing when describing what helps him to win so many tour events worldwide. 

First correctly "drag and set" the club, by recognizing that the action itself is a very small nuance of the backswing. 

To begin, simply drag the grip of the club back first; before moving the head of the club.

Imagine that the head of the club is in water and you need to move the grip in order to create momentum to start moving the head back.

In other words, leave the club head on the ground until after you drag the grip back with the hands,about an inch.

This small movement will help set the wrists and will make it easier to get your swing wider and slower on the backswing.

As your backswing continues, you will notice the club is setting with much more ease.

This is a simple and effective way to get your club on plane and build more timing in your swing.