Here's to better golf: Chipping technique


Long winters in Michigan can make even the most avid golfer put their game on the back burner for a few months

I get emails all the time from players asking for help with their games.

I recently gave a chipping tip over the phone to a guy in Florida who plays most of his golf during the summer months in Michigan.

He said he was using the same chipping technique that he always employs, but that the ball would come out of the grass and only go four feet.

After identifying the problem, I told him that because the grass on most courses in Florida is so much different, the ball settles down to the ground or sand base soil and causes players to feel they need to help or pick the ball off the ground.

When that happens, you hit the ball thin or fat. I told him to practice using a two finger overlap or interlock.

This will help to lead with the left hand while NOT letting the right hand get involved too early. The reverse holds true for lefties.