Losing it on the course


Golf is a game of emotions; a virtual emotional roller coaster for most of us which is why it is easy to become addicted to the sport. 

We all hit bad shots from time to time. If we hit great shots all the time, we would tire of the game quickly and move on to something more challenging. 

An important thing to remember if you become angry is to let it go quickly or you will carry the anger with you through the rest of your game. 

Most of us have witnessed a golfer who has ‘lost it' on the course. Clubs get thrown, arms are flailing and profanity is flying. 

It not only disrupts the other players, it has a tremendous negative effect on that player moving forward. 

It is perfectly normal to get upset from time to time but what gives some people an advantage is the ability to express disappointment and move on.  

I always tell my students to allow themselves about 20 seconds to feel the anger and then let it go. It is the only way to get back on track after a bad shot. 

Don't try to analyze or replay that one wayward shot. 

Instead, try to remember some of the shots that have gone well and repeat the actions that brought positive results.