How to make sure you have properly fitted wedges


The key to hitting shots as close to the pin as possible when we are 100 yards out is playing with properly fitted wedges. This involves identifying what swing profile you are and what are your shot tendencies.

  • DRIVER/DIGGER  is someone who has a steep angle of attack and take deep divots, this person requires more bounce especially if you play in soft conditions.
  • SLIDER/SWEEPER is someone who has a shallow angle of attack and is more of a picker of the ball. This person typically requires less bounce angle.
  • SLIDER/DIGGER is a moderate angle of attack, and is a person who traps the ball between the club face and the ground taking a medium sized divot. This style of player requires a moderate bounce angle.

Once this is determined we would then recommend specific grinds, suitable for the types of shots you would play, also your course conditions are a key factor.

The next step would be determining your gaps in yardage from your highest lofted wedge to your pitching wedge. This usually is in increments of 4-6 dregs of loft.

Lastly we would check lie angles, swing weight, type of shaft, flex, length, and grip size. All this will ensure better ball compression and a consistent ball trajectory.

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