Putting promise in your putts


Hey Guys!

You've probably heard the saying, "Drive for show – putt for dough," which summarizes one of the truths about golf … games are won through putting.

Here are some drills that you can use to improve your putting.

First, work on the feel of your stroke by acting like a pendulum.  You see the pros do it all the time.  Hold your putter and lock your arms in putting position then swing back and forth like a pendulum.  Smaller swings for short putts and longer swings for longer putts.

To improve the direction of your putts, putt to a chair leg from a variety of distances and directions. This drill can be done inside or outside on short carpeting or grass. Then, when you are playing a round of golf, you can visualize that chair leg in the middle of the hole when putting.

To improve your timing and tempo, hit a line of balls.

No one likes to chase around one ball when practicing so instead, line up about 10 balls and hit them one after the next toward the hole. This can be done at home or on the practice green.

After putting in a line, place balls all around the hole from various distances.  Start very close (inside 12 inches) and work your way out.

Lastly, to work on distance, use a drill called "putt to the baby."

Imagine a baby sitting by the pin. Your goal is to putt the ball to the baby; but not too hard as to hurt her and not too soft where the ball doesn't reach her.

This drill will help develop the 'feel' of longer putts.

Heck, you can even use a toy baby doll to put by the pin while practicing (some adults may even borrow this tip) but by all means … do not use your baby brother or sister!

Till next time!

Danny Divot