Did Tigers closer Jose Valverde spit on ball before pitch?

YouTube video sparks debate among Reds, Tigers fans over Valverde's spit; did he throw spitball pitch?


DETROIT – Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds fans have been hotly debating a video from Sunday's game which was posted to YouTube.

The video poster claims Tigers closer Jose Valverde spit into his glove and on the ball, which was in the glove, before pitching to Reds' Devin Mesoraco. The pitch was strike three.

Watch: Did Jose Valverde spit on the ball?

The Tigers went on to win the game in rally fashion, 7-6.

The 38-second, slow motion clip from the game has sparked the debate among fans. If Valverde did intentionally spit on the ball before the pitch, is it a blown call?

A "spitball" is an illegal pitch. If the ball's surface is altered with saliva or any other substance, it is a spitball. Some call these pitches "spitters" or "mud balls."

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Valverde is 3-1 with 12 saves in 26 games with the Tigers this year. His ERA is 3.91. He has allowed 19 hits and 11 runs in 25.1 innings. He has 18 strikeouts.

Valverde had 49 saves in 75 games last season with Detroit.