Girl golfers excelling at Bob Krause Golf Academy


COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Three girls from Cranbrook Schools Golf Team are taking their games to a new heights beginning with their co-captain Greer Clausen.

Greer, a Junior at Cranbrook and co-captain of the varsity girls' golf team, discloses a secret she discovered to further her golfing prowess. Greer's secret?

Her swing coach, Bob Krause at the Bob Krause Golf Academy in Commerce Township.

When her very advanced game  hit a plateau. Bob simplified her swing and once again, Greer found her rhythm.

Ginny Clausen, Greer's mom remarks, "After being with Bob for six weeks, Greer made the All State 1st Team, won regionals and finished in the Top 10 at the state tournament." Clausen acknowledges Bob as a swing coach "who tries to keep the game simple for students and is very good about adding instruction being careful not to make changes before tournaments."

Last year, as an eighth-grader at Cranbrook Schools, Molly Wiener, began golf lessons with Krause.

Molly's Dad, Steve Wiener, an avid golfer notorious for practicing his golf swing whenever and wherever he can admits, "I was really excited when Mol mentioned in passing that she was thinking about taking golf lessons. As soon as she said it, I remembered I had heard about a super nice pro-golfer who opened up his own studio and is concentrating on youth lessons. I got Molly in as soon as Bob had an opening."

Last October, Molly started beginner golf lessons at the Bob Krause Golf Academy.

Bob recalls seeing Molly hit her very first drive of her life, "When I first saw her drive, her natural ability was evident and I was excited to get started."

Molly remembers, "As soon as I hit that first ball, it just felt right." 

Just eight short months later, Molly now a Freshman, has gone from true novice to being awarded a varsity letter in golf at Cranbrook.

Freshman Alyana Margulis discovered Bob Krause after admiring Greer's and Molly's game. Margulis has been playing golf during summers gone by, but recently decided to become more serious about the sport. Alayna became a Krause devotee in the past month and he has already improved her game to the point that she too is now a varsity player.

Wiener, Clausen and Margulis -- teammates who not only take lessons from the same swing coach -- but also find time to practice together. When they do, Clausen mentors the two younger players. Molly confesses, "Greer plays at a level that I am determined to play at one day soon. I practice harder because I see how taking lessons and practicing a lot makes Greer into the amazing golfer she is today.  Whenever Greer is willing to play with Alayna and me, we both go because we know that Greer takes what Bob teaches her and uses it to help us get to be better."

Greer has invited the girls out countless times and the three teenagers hit the links playing on a variety of courses around the state.

Busy with other sports, Greer is also a varsity volleyball player, Alayna a hockey player and Molly a runner, the three girls practice golf daily.

At times late this summer, they were averaging twenty five hours a week on practice alone.

"Golf is something that sort of snuck up on me this year, I never thought I would want to work so hard for anything in my life, but with golf I am always ready to pick up a club and practice what Bob and I are working on," said Molly. "Waiting for my ride to school I'll swing my club for fifteen minutes, or when I have fifteen minutes before dinner I will head down to the basement and putt into a coffee mug. Before I know it I have practiced for an hour or so and I was able to fit in golf into a day that was crammed with school, hanging out with friends, working out and homework." 

Krause says, "I am proud of these girls who are not only taking lessons but are practicing what we are working on in their free time which is helping all of them take their game to a new level."

The girls golf season is ending in mid-October, but the three Cranbrook teammates are using the off season to take more lessons, and continue their practice regimes. Go girls!