Sport psychologists Dr. Jason Novetsky, Dr. Jared Wood


Due to their love of sport, competition and belief that mental toughness is the competitive advantage required of elite athletes, Dr. Jason Novetsky and Dr. Jared Wood formed Champion Mindset Group, a sport psychology consulting group dedicated to coaching athletes towards winning their personal championships.


Dr. Novetsky has a PhD in Education, a Masters and Bachelors degree in Psychology. He is a school psychologist, travel and high school baseball coach and was an All-Conference Division-1 pitcher at the University of Detroit Mercy. Dr. Novetsky was also recently named the official Mental Toughness Coach for the Eastern Michigan University Baseball Team.

He can be reached at jasonnovetskyphd@gmail.com and 586-206-6451.


Dr. Wood, Ph.D., has been a performance coach and educator for 17 years.

Dr. Wood first gained a love of sport psychology while he was a student-athlete at Albion College. He has authored numerous sport psychology articles and the book, "It's Already in Your Head: How Everything You Know About Caddyshack Can Improve Your Mental Golf Game."

He is currently working on a forthcoming book about football titled, "It's Only Cold On One Sideline."

He can be reached at  jaredwood@mac.com and 248-535-5358.

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