Minor league manager Marty Brown sits on grass after ejection

After being ejected, Marty Brown refuses to leave


Buffalo, N.Y. – Baseball team managers always seem to throw the best tantrums in all of sports. This particular one did not disappoint.

Marty Brown, manager of the minor league club the Buffalo Bisons, was not happy after an umpire didn't make a runner interference call. And so followed a memorable manager tantrum.

Brown came out to argue the call, and was almost immediately ejected from the game, after having some animated words with the umpire. So what's a manager to do when he gets ejected from a game? Just leave the game quietly, and head to the locker room, right? Marty Brown disagrees.

Brown decides to sit on the infield grass and protest his own ejection. He sat on the grass for about 20 seconds, and then got up, threw his hat on the field, and began to kick it.

Brown is likely to be fined and/or suspended for his conduct.


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