Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler trade foreshadowed in 2010 ESPN commercial

Commercial also featured actor Adam Scott


DETROIT – The day after the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers completed a blockbuster trade sending Prince Fielder to Texas, an ESPN commercial from 2010 suggests they might have seen it coming.

In the commercial for Sunday Night Baseball, Fielder and Ian Kinsler are seen sitting together discussing trades for their respective fantasy baseball teams. Kinsler proposes trading himself to Fielder for Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum. Prince declines the offer.

Kinsler: "Hey, Prince. What do you think about trading me for him (Lincecum)?"

Fielder: "I don't know; maybe."

Kinsler: "So I get us, and you get him?"

Kinsler: "Yeah."

Adam Scott: "Well, I wouldn't trade either of you guys for anything. So, there."

(Kinsler and Fielder look at Scott unimpressed)

Adam Scott: "Was that weird? Did I just make it weird?"

Yes, Adam. You did.


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