Coach: USA struggling in speed skating


Well, scratch the skin suit theory.

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The men s 1000-meter took place with the men donning their previous world cup suits but the results were no better as the USA team once again failed to medal.

More chatter has surfaced with regards to why the team trained in the colder than normal outdoors in the high altitude of Calabro, Italy, to prepare for an event skated at sea level.

It seems time to simply say the Americans simply were not as good at this Olympics.

To the skaters credit, they have handled the disappointment thus far with class and dignity and refuse to make excuses or place the blame elsewhere. Hopefully, the long track ladies can find so same magic in the 1500-meter.

In the short track men's 1000-meter semifinals, Americans could not find their way to the finals as Chris c reveling finished third while both j r Celsius and Eddie Alvarez fell in their semi finals.

Jessica Smith finished second in her 1500-meter heat but then got caught in the back of the pack in the semi final and could only finish fourth -- short of the qualifying position needed.

Emily Scott was advanced to the final after being pushed by a Korean skater in the semi final.

Smith finished second in the "" final while Emily was unable to earn medal in the final.

Robb Dunn is an inline speed skating coach who is in Sochi, Russia to see two of his former players compete in speed skating. Kelly Gunther and Jessica Smith are both competing in speed skating, but started their careers in inline skating with Dunn in metro Detroit before transitioning to the ice. Dunn is blogging for Local 4 about his Olympic experience and what's happening in the sport at the Adler Arena Skating Center in Sochi, Russia.