Clinton Township speed skater says thank you from Russia

Kelly Gunther thankful for all her supporters; especially family, Detroit inline coach

Here is Heather Linden -- who has helped me out a lot of my ankle and getting it back to normal again. She does a lot of the same work Chris did on my ankle here in Sochi! Dr.Moreau you ARE the best doctor I could have ever gone to.
Here is Heather Linden -- who has helped me out a lot of my ankle and getting it back to normal again. She does a lot of the same work Chris did on my ankle here in Sochi! Dr.Moreau you ARE the best doctor I could have ever gone to.

Here I am again from Sochi, Russia, writing about what is going on. Well, it's now almost coming to an end. I can't believe its almost over. Where has the time gone so fast?
Wow. That went by as a whirlwind. Let me just tell you about my getting in the ice for the first time, because I know everyone wants to know how that was! It was something that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life.

I had goose bumps stepping out on the ice and hearing everyone in the stands. I almost wanted to cry or have tears in my eyes, but I knew I had to hold it together because I had to get on the starting line, but having everyone from Colorado in my corner and sitting in the stands meant more to me than anything because without them, I wouldn't have stepped out on that ice for that first time.

From the time I walked into rehab (or I should say hobbling) in Dr. Moreau's office for the first time, I wondered what was going to happen or if I could even skate or walk normal again. I cried in his office, because he wasn't sure either! Or maybe he was and just didn't say anything!

I've became pretty good friends with the doctors and trainers there to say the least after how many hours we spent together! So, having them was something so special to me, and I can't forget about Chris Schroer, who fought me how to run again and jump and do everything again without him, my world may be different right now! Thanks Chris.

Looking up in the stands and seeing my mom, brother and inline coach (Robb Dunn) of 10 years almost had me in full tears. I don't even know where to begin with that. My mom, who has stood by my side since I was six years old at that roller rink in a small town, and now being in the biggest stage that there is, is just so still crazy to me!

I wouldn't be there today without my mom. She's been there for me in more ways than NOT. She's given her life to mine and has followed my dreams  along the way, Thanks mom! Your dreams just came true with mine did! You're a pretty amazing lady!

Brad, (brother) where do I start? I will never forget skating with you at that small roller rink in circles and spinning around each other as fast as we could until who fell first, normally that was me! LOL. But you showed me, no matter how many times you or I have fallen, its always about getting back up on that horse and never give up! From you and mom, it has shown me to never take NO for an answer and keep going after what you want!

Robb -- From that little girl when I was 11 when I had met you and was scared out of my mind! I remember sitting in your office one day after a practice and I would never look at you in the eyes when you talked because I was so scared! But now, look, I am 26 years old and I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without you.

You've shown me to keep going after it and doesn't matter how MANY times you get knocked down you ALWAYS have to keep going after it. You've pushed me to limits that I thought I would die after or my legs would hurt so bad that I would have fallen or even running after me once at practice! Yea, some things I do forget, but not all of them! haha! Just a huge thank you for always believing in me when at times I know I didn't at all, and has taken awhile for that to happen.

Thank you for always being there no matter what still to this day. Thank you for always being on the other end of the phone when I thought about walking away a few months ago and said, "I'm not sure if I can keep doing this, or I may be to nervous to even go out there."

Thank you for pushing me and letting me know that things will be okay whatever the out come may be.

Thank you everyone who has been behind me and believed in me when times have gotten rocky or thought I would never have made it! I truly believe in you as you do in me! Thank you so much for your support and so much much on this road with me! With this road or chapter coming to an end, I couldn't have wanted it any other way. From my ankle, or being told I may never skate again, to being at the Olympics is still a dream come true.

I'm closing this chapter has what an amazing story do I have to share with many kids, adults and who ever I can help to keep believing their dreams come TRUE! 

Is this the end, you may ask? No, this isn't the end. But it is the end of that chapter and onto the next new beginnings and I can't be more excited for them and what may come my way!

As always please, keep believing in you, and whatever else might come your way! I just can't thank you enough for being on this road with me and always believing in me! I love, love you all and thank you for everything! Much Love!

Kelly Gunther is a speed skater for Team USA. She is also a Chippewa Valley High School graduate who lived in Clinton Township. She is blogging about her experience at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia for Local 4.


This is Chris and I. I had just got done running on what is called the "Alter G" when I couldn't run normal yet. It took about two years to be able to run. What does the Alter G do? The treadmill is a combination of a brace that removes some of the weight from the athlete and a vacuum-sealed skirt that covers the surface of the treadmill. It connects to the athlete via the skirt—it actually looks more like a tutu—and inflates to various pressures. The vacuum can take on anywhere from 20 to 80 percent of an athlete's weight, reducing the stress on the body, especially the legs.