ESPN Deportes reporter prompts backlash by name-calling in Detroit

DETROIT – Most reporters at Derek Jeter's Comerica Park press conference Tuesday were focused on what the future Hall of Famer was saying about his last regular-season series in Detroit. But something very different captured ESPN's Marly Rivera's attention.

Rivera was standing behind Detroit radio host and reporter Jeff Riger during the interview and apparently asked him to move out of her way, which he did, but that wasn't good enough. She then asked Riger to put down his camera so she could get a clearer video shot.

Since no decent baseball reporter would put his camera down while Derek Jeter is talking. Riger reportedly refused, though he was said to have been apologetic about it. That's when Rivera slammed her chair and called him something unflattering before moving to the other side of the room.

Unfortunately for the largely unknown ESPN talent, she was around several media members with recorders rolling, and her actions were caught on audio.

She also muffed a question she asked Jeter, apparently misrepresenting where he had injured his ankle during the 2012 playoffs, which was in New York, not Detroit.

The tantrum has since prompted social media backlash against Rivera, complete with a trending hashtag. We've got highlights...