Albion secure 1st shutout of season with 1-0 win over Alma

Albion players celebrate No. 12 Kyle Alsheskie's goal during a game against Alma on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014.
Albion players celebrate No. 12 Kyle Alsheskie's goal during a game against Alma on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014. (Kelly Haapala)

ALMA, Mich. – With a defender breathing down his neck, Kyle Alsheskie took the gifted pass from Bobby Budlong on a breakaway toward the net.

In the center of that net stood the Alma goalkeeper, on his line, ready for anything. However, all he could do was watch as Alsheskie's shot rifled by just inside the right post and into the back of the net.

With a minute left on the clock after the goal, Albion knew they had to continue to give it their all to keep their first shutout of the season with Alma fighting hard to come back. Throughout the game, Captain Charles Micunek was communicating with his team, reminding them how much they wanted this win and keeping them in check even after the goal and celebration. Micunek, along with the rest of the defense, would do their part to keep the barrage of shots out of the net. Goalkeeper Andrew (Bobo) Bobowski had 5 saves in the match to help secure his shutout.

Albion came out in the first half with a continued drive toward the net. Even though players like Alsheskie, Michael Reitmeyer, Bobby Budlong, Steven Lockhart and others were double-teamed, Alma's defense seemed to fall on their goalkeeper a little too often. He snagged their attempts and tried to guide his defense on to who to stay with tightly.

In the second half, Alma came out with what seemed to be a better defense plan, until it wasn't.

Albion came into this match off an exhilarating win in OT on Wednesday at home versus Olivet and even the long bus ride to Alma could not deter their ambition to win. This win was done with a full team effort on the field and off as the excitement and involvement could even be seen on the bench as well. They wanted this, and as a team, they were going to take it.

Alma's next game is against Olivet who lost to Albion in that OT win. The game is 4 p.m. Tuesday at Olivet.

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Coach Jerry Block's Albion team (4-3 record) move on to the 2-3-2 Kalamazoo Hornets at 7 p.m. Tuesday for the Brits's second of their three-in-a-row road games.

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