Friday Football Frenzy 'Game of the Week' winner


DETROIT – The winner of this week's Friday Football Frenzy is Grosse Pointe South v. Grosse Pointe North. The final vote total are as follows:

  • Grosse Pointe South vs. Grosse Pointe North: 47.0% (35,635)
  • Harrison L'Anse Creuse vs. Romeo: 46.4% (35,184)
  • Waterford Kettering vs. Walled Lake Northern: 3.2% (2,397)
  • Dearborn Heights Crestwood vs. Belleville: 3.5% (2,654)
  • Total votes: 75,870

No doubt, many of you attempted to vote Wednesday evening and received an error message from our polling vendor, Survey Gizmo. We apologize for that inconvenience and we apologize that voting was effectively closed early.

Unfortunately, this problem was caused by forces outside our control and outside the control of our vendor.

According to Survey Gizmo's tech support, someone attempted to hack the voting with a program that was a threat to Survey Gizmo's entire system. They were left with no choice but to close our poll early.

Moving forward, we will do our level best to protect Friday Football Frenzy from the scammers and trolls. However, we can only be successful if voters demonstrate the kind of sportsmanship we all expect from the athletes on game night. 

Vote early and vote often for your favorite school--we love that enthusiasm--but attempting to run bots and scripts to stuff the ballot box doesn't give you the edge in this contest, it only disgraces your team and your school.