Michigan Bucks, City FC react to Sepp Blatter resignation


DETROIT – Just five days after his controversial reelection, FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced he would resign from the scandal-plagued soccer federation.

We asked Daniel Duggan, founder of the Michigan Bucks, and Sean Mann, co-owner of City FC, for their reactions to Blatter's resignation.

Duggan: "House cleaning at FIFA was long overdue.   It would be wonderful to find out the truth as to why he resigned five days after the election.   Was it the latest threats about kickbacks and back door dealings or was it the power of the sponsors threat at pulling out?   Regardless of why it happened, thanks John Oliver!  Look for Sunil Gulati to eventually work his way into power on behalf of the US."

Mann: "This an exciting day for the world of soccer. While this resignation is certainly overdue, it is undeniably a step in the right direction to reestablishing credibility to the sport's governing body and creating an organization worthy of the passion this sport generates around the world."