Former Oakland University basketball player Seb Bellin injured in Brussels attacks

DETROIT – A former Oakland University basketball player was injured in the terror attacks in Brussels, according to coach Greg Kampe.

Kampe said he found out Tuesday morning on the way to practice. 

"I got a text from a mutual friend who said, 'Have you heard about Seb? He was injured badly today in the bombing,'" said Kampe. "Seb is from Brussels, so I left practice, went up to my office. My admin is a very close friend of Seb's. We had a conference call with him on Friday for his business. He is helping one of my players get a job in Europe." 

The Oakland University basketball coach first tweeted the news Tuesday afternoon:

"My ex player Seb Bellin was injured in the Brussels bombing. Going for second surgery. Please pray for Seb."

Sebastian "Seb" Bellin played for Oakland between 1998-2001. He has been playing in European professional basketball leagues since, and most recently played for a team in Belgium. 

Kampe said he was told Bellin was flying to New York out of Brussels. 

"The bomb went off, and he was within a 100-yard radius of it. Things didn't go well," said Kampe. "I've seen pictures. There was shrapnel in the legs and the hip, so the first surgery was to get the shrapnel out of the legs. The second surgery, which has not happened yet, was in the hip. I've been told that he's going to live and that he's going to be fine. We just don't know the extent of the injuries or the damage."

Kampe said Bellin's wife and kids are in Michigan. 

"The senselessness of it just boggles my mind. I put it out on Twitter about him so the people that saw him play and are his fans could pray for him," said Kampe. 

The coach said Bellin has been a big part of the program at Oakland University since he left to play professional in Europe. He had a 14-year professional career, but has always kept in touch with Oakland and Kampe. 

"He has come back to workout with the team in the summer. I always get an email (from him) after big wins," said Kampe. "It's just sad that this could happen to him at this point in his life."

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