Kevin Durant trashes Pistons, Reggie Jackson


The beef between the Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder is still cooking.

After the Pistons beat the Thunder this week, Kevin Durant, who sat out the game, took the Pistons, and specifically point guard Reggie Jackson to task for celebrating the win.

Durant told Thunder beat writer Erik Horne:

"I definitely wanted to play. I wanted to play against Detroit for sure, but.. you know. It's Detroit. You know, who cares about Detroit?"

He continued his comments by attacking former Thunder point guard Reggie Jackson:

"It was bush league, in my opinion. Jumping up and down, running around. I understand you helped them win the game, but our whole team didn't play. We'd have beat the hell out of them if we did, you know?"

Durant's comments come two days after Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook took offense to Jackson's end of the game celebration.

“Honestly, I think it’s some real bullshit,” Westbrook said. “I don’t appreciate it from our team and our organization. I don’t like it all. But it is what is. We’ll see him down the line. We’ll take care of that when we get there."

“It doesn’t matter. Honestly, he wasn’t changing nothing for us. Obviously, he didn’t want to be here. He’s in a better spot. He’s not doing  too much of a difference, if you ask me."

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