Video shows large alligator confidently stroll across golf course


Golf season is upon us. 

If you're sticking to courses in Michigan and not planning a trip to play in Florida any time soon, here's a scenario you can be thankful to avoid.

This video (below) was shot by Charles Helms at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Fla. A rather large alligator went for a walk across one of the fairways. The creature apparently was making its way to a lake.

Maybe this is a common sight in the Sunshine State, but it's definitely not expected here in deer country. This makes stubborn geese insignificant. Remember, back in February police said an alligator actually ate a burglary suspect down in Florida.

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The surprised golfers can be heard on the video. They seem quite impressed by the size of the gator, and even call it a "monster."

"That is the biggest freaking alligator I've ever seen in my life," one of them is heard saying on the video.

One man actually asks "Dave" to "get next to it for perspective." No thanks. 

Watch the video:

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